A downloadable game for Windows

This was a school project to make a game in Unity, which was initially pretty easy, but I decided to make it hard by trying my hand at the DOTS framework and the ECS coding solution, which was at the time still in 0.1.0 preview.

Pinball Journey is a failed attempt at working with ECS, DOTS physics, and the experimental ECS Physics Joints. As colliders were adding up, the ball showed more and more irradical movement (sudden jumping, constant spinning etc), unfortunately forcing me to abandon this project. 

Since then, Havok Physics (which wasn't out when I made this) has proven that their physics solution solves this issue. Would I resurrect this project switching to Havok would be the first step.

View the code for this project here on github!

Date: 2019 July 30

Time: 3 weeks


  • Unity 2019.2.0b7
  • Substance Painter
  • Github Desktop



Pinball Journey.zip 165 MB